Floral Absolutes

The oils are not only good for the alimentary canal and the body, providing essential micronutrients; they are also great for the skin. Besides the oils, the floral extracts are also sometimes extremely helpful in improving the skin. The extracts are full of these micronutrients that are easily soluble. Being so, they can be absorbed by the soft parts of the skin very easily and efficiently. Hence, they help in improving the skin quality.
Being applied directly on skin, they are very specific and hence, can take care of the dry skin, the oily skin and the likes. Being specific in application, they give fast results within a week or a fortnight, provided they are used regularly. Mostly they are recommended for application at nights so that there is no immediate exposure to the Sunlight after their application.
Among our products out of the rack of floral extracts, there is the champaca, the carnation, the calendula and the ambrette. While the calendula keeps the skin cool and helps in overcoming heat rashes and prickly heat, the carnation gives its unique scent and aroma to rejuvenate the user. The champaca and the ambrette are well-known for their anti-biotic effects as well as aroma.
Among our other products in this category are the jasmine, the hyacinth, the labdanum, the lily and the frangipani. All of these come in various sizes of packs and can be delivered to your door on order. Not only are the prices highly competitive but also the freight charges are minimal, decreasing with increase in order size.

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