About Us

Avi Naturals is one of the country’s leading wholesale essential oil supplier and pure essential oil exporter. Catering for almost every industry, we work with a vast number of clients. Delivering the broadest range of products that can be found in one place: from Natural Essential Oils, to Aromatherapy Oils, to Fruit & Flower Oils, to Herbs and Herbal Extracts, to Perfumery Compound, to Floral Waxes, to Floral Absolutes and much more. We have grown our revenue, profit, and earnings for 40 consecutive years. We have combined an entrepreneurial culture, a focus on retail skills, and a consumer-centric approach. We offer clear benefits in many areas, such as flatter management structures, shared resourcing, reduced administration costs, and a ‘one team’ approach. However, where we clearly differentiate ourselves from our competition is quite simple—we are first and foremost the one who believes in quality.

At Avi Naturals, we uphold the highest standard of quality. Ever since we learned the secrets of extraction and distillation, we have been using these processes to produce pure essential oils that are completely free from any contamination. The range of products obtainable by us is enriched with all the essential nutrients. We aimed at meeting the culinary demands of our clients in an effective and fast basis. Our expertise helps the customers to make the most effective solutions for their organic products demands. We can help our corporate clients in providing bulk yet highly satisfying products. We also place international standards in the hygiene, packaging, and quality factors of all our products.

Vision & Mission

We facilitate you with total quality management. As a leader in industry we efficiently deliver customised and quality solutions to clients and support inclusive growth. We facilitate trade, and enhance health, safety, environment, and customer confidence through quality, standards and conformity assessment.

Value Propositions

With our wide range of products and services in quality and technology innovation, combined with our unique knowledge of blending the two synergistically, we will be able to improve the productivity of enterprises sharply to a level that they are globally competitive.

Quality Policy

We are committed to delight our customers by providing quality and value-added products & services. Quality, choices, and service continue to be our number one priority in any operation we undertake. Our services include health and safety. Our capabilities have been developed through years of development providing support solutions to various industries, such as Flavor & Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Aroma Therapy, Tobacco & Pan Masala, and Spa and Ayurveda.

Research & Development (R & D)

We aim to develop novel organic products by leveraging our exceptional scientific talent pool and developmental capabilities. Avinaturals led R&D focuses on the entire product development pathway—from process development, to non-clinical and clinical research. The depth and breadth of our technological and scientific expertise enables us to develop new products related to essential oils, herbal extracts and fragrances, while keeping their aroma and freshness.

Why us

  • We believe through professionalism, honesty, and ethical behavior, we can make Avi Naturals a credible brand.
  • Our services provide a personalized service, resulting in the highest standards within the industry.
  • Our services are financially sound company with over 40 years experience in essential oil products and ingredients.
  • We provide outstanding standards, cost effective products to client across a diverse range of industries.
  • We’ve developed an approach that directly links our sustainable business agenda with the strategic issues that make our business successful.


When some companies talk about sustainability, it can feel like a bit of an afterthought. We have always believed that doing the right thing at right time has created financial value for any company. To be sure that we are working on the things that can make a real difference, we have developed an approach that directly links our sustainable business agenda with the strategic issues that make our business successful. In doing so, we are defining what it means to be a sustainable business.