At Avi Naturals, we are committed to delivering the best of products whose quality issues are never to be questioned. We are a transparent manufacturer and supplier whose product descriptions are mentioned on the product bottles and cases. Thus, any toxicological ingredient, if unavoidable, is clearly mentioned therein, although most of our products that are natural based are absolutely free of them.
The amount of fibres and roughages are also mentioned clearly so that the buyer knows before going for a product exactly what s/he is going for. Thus, buyers are more confident out here although they are buying online. This is in sharp contrast to our competitors who are not transparent and people do not know what they are buying.
Among our nature based products, the hydrosols are most significant. They are a comparatively newer type of product that is different from oils and floral extracts. These are gel like preparations on a water base that have lesser viscosity than normal oils. Due to the water base, they can be easily applied on skin directly. Being external in application, they are specific in their actions. They are also easily soluble for the skin, thereby making the process faster and efficient.
Among our hydrosols on offer, the angelica, aniseed, cedarleaf and basil ones have gained much popularity owing to their mineral rich content, ease of application and cheap rates. The clary sage, frankincense, eucalyptus and cypress hydrosols are also gaining much popularity because of their aromatic nature. A whole lot of other types of hydrosols are also on offer.

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