Natural Flower Oils

The trend all over the world today is to go for natural products. The buzz is that the refined ones get deprived of the essential natural oils and resins as a part of the refinement itself. So a large part of the natural minerals and vitamins also get removed while the refinement process aimed at removing the impurities is on. That is why people are today rejecting the double refined oils and going back to more natural products.
The need for refinement was that the impurities that are fibrous and harmful to the body are removed along with the toxic materials. While toxicity is still a problem and needs attention, the removal of non-toxic fibres is actually not desirable. The fibres help our body in many ways, acting as roughages. Thus, a little bit of them is required and hence, the need to go for partially refined oil products today.
Among the many natural products available here, there are a few additions to the old and traditional ones. Continual research has given rise to many additions besides the existing ones. While the new ones are not new discoveries and were existing in various cultures and parts of the world, they are just being rediscovered with their potential and placed before the world to grab.
Among our products, there are cassie flower oil, lilac flower oil, lotus flower oil and orange blossom flower oil. Thus, one can easily identify the wide range of product types that we cover, ranging from facial oils to those good for skin. Even our product range can cater to various types of users like those with dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and the likes.

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