Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil

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Black Seed Oil Virgin, Unrefined at Wholesale Prices

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Product Description

Black Seed Oil is an important plant in the Indian Ayurveda. It is also known as Black cumin, kalonji seeds. Its botanical name is nigella sativa. Black seed is an annual flowering plant that grows to 20-30cm tall is native to Asia and the Middle East. The flowers of this plant are very critical pale colored and white. Black seed is considered to be the greatest remedy herb of our time and it has been much ignoring. This is virgin oil with a high natural odor. The black seed oil is the most potent foods on planet and the oil derived from them is the most illustrious essential oils. It is also known as the oil of Pharaohs. These days it is available as a prescription by pharmaceutical companies.


  • Over the period it is proved that the seeds help fight all sorts of disease by enhancing the production of bone marrow and immune cells.
  • The seeds are also important in treating of disease related to respiratory system.
  • It balances the immune system and increasing immune function.
  • It has depended on the cause of asthma and beneficial for relieving allergies.
  • Black seed oil was also shown to be helpful in battling Candida and fungal infections in the digestive system.
  • It helps in cancer cells and Protects effect on the heart and it promotes healthy cholesterol levels and helps normalize blood pressure.


Beta sitosterol, vitamin B1 and B2.

Additional Information

Botanical Name:

Carum carvi

CAS# :


Color & Odor :

Clear Blackish Yellow Liquid with Good and Typical Black Cumin odor

F.E.M.A. #:


Country of Origin:


Methods of Extraction :

Cold Pressing




Soluble in Alcohols, Essential Oils and insoluble

Specific Gravity

0.90000 to 0.93500 @ 25.00 °C

Refractive Index

1.50100 to 1.50600 @ 20.00 °C.

Flash Point

48.89 °C.

Optical Rotation

+3.00 to +8.00

Major Constituents

Oleic- 64%

Blends with

Citrus and herbaceous scents in massage blends.

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    The product I received from Avi Naturals is amazing. Black seed oil helps me in fighting with the arthritis.

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