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Product Description

Organic black seed oil is extracted from the nigella sativa plant through the cold pressed method. It is commonly known as black cumin seed oil and kalonji oil. Its scientific name is nigella sativa. It is a small flowering shrub. It is mainly grown in Eastern Europe and western Asia with purple or white tinged flowers. It is natal to Asia. It is a technical part of the buttercup family.

Uses & Benefits:-

– It is good for the skin problems like psoriasis and eczema.
– It helps to improve skin heals and also helps to soothe inflammation.
– It gives relief from various types of allergies.
– Organic black seed oil helps to promote cholesterol level.
– It helps to increase hair growth and fight against scars.
– It helps to treat most health conditions like asthma and blood pressure.
– It is good for the digestion and also decreases gas, stomach and bloating pain.

Additional Information

Botanical Name:

Nigella sativa

CAS# :


Color & Odor :

Clear Blackish Yellow Liquid with Good and Typical Black Cumin odor

F.E.M.A. #:


Country of Origin:


Methods of Extraction :

Cold Pressing




Soluble in Alcohols, Essential Oils and insoluble

Specific Gravity

0.90000 to 0.93500 @ 25.00 °C

Refractive Index

1.50100 to 1.50600 @ 20.00 °C.

Flash Point

48.89 °C.

Optical Rotation

+3.00 to +8.00

Major Constituents

Oleic- 64%

Blends with

Citrus and herbaceous scents in massage blends.


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